How to choose the suitable mask selection?

Situation A
If you do not leave home and your family is healthy;
When you take outdoor activities, such as walking in the park, keep a distance of more than 2 meters from people;
Well-ventilated working environment, independent office and few people;
Professional advice: You can not wear a mask, or choose to wear a cotton yarn mask.

Situation B
Go to supermarkets, shopping malls, elevators and other crowded and sealed places
Indoor open office space with densely distributed personnel
Professional advice: Use disposable medical masks.
Situation C
Is a medical staff in the general outpatient department and general ward of the hospital
Work in a crowded, mobile and closed place
Be a front-line police, security, express delivery and other practitioners
Isolation at home, and suspected patient at home
Professional advice: Wear medical surgical masks.
Situation D
Is a medical staff in the emergency department
Epidemic-related testing personnel
For those who closely rely on conducting epidemiological investigations
Professional advice: Wear N95 / KN95 or above standard particulate protective masks
Situation E
Is the medical staff (including logistics staff) who treats the diagnosed or suspected patients
Is a health care worker
Persons who conduct epidemiological investigations on confirmed and suspected cases
Professional advice: Wear medical protective masks; if there is a shortage of medical protective masks, choose N95 / KN95 and above standard particulate protective masks.
2. Can the mask be reused?
If it belongs to the above A , B, and C situations, there is no need to replace it repeatedly or strictly in accordance with the standard of once every 4 hours, and it can be used repeatedly.

3 How to save the mask?
01 How should I keep my mask removed?
If the mask you take off needs to be used again, you can hang it in a clean, dry and ventilated place, or fold it in a clean, breathable paper bag, and ensure it is stored separately
02 Can medical masks be cleaned?
No, and cannot be disinfected with disinfectant, heating, etc.
03 Can cotton masks be cleaned?
Cotton yarn masks can be cleaned and sterilized according to the instructions of the mask

4. Is the online disinfection method reliable?
NO.1 Alcohol spray or high temperature disinfection
Alcohol and high temperature will cause the outer material of the mask to degenerate to varying degrees, the ability to block droplets and saliva will decrease, and the protection of the mask will be greatly reduced.

NO.2 UV disinfection
The material of the filter layer of the mask is a thermoplastic polymer material, which is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. After receiving ultraviolet radiation, the structure will be destroyed and the filtration performance will be reduced.

Five how to save masks?
Masks must be used by special persons, and cannot be used crossly;

Wear correctly: Wash your hands before and after wearing the mask, and try to avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask as much as possible;

Standard wear: During the wearing process, always pay attention to the airtightness of the mask, and fit the face of the mask to the face as much as possible;

Go out less and go to places with more people (the most mask-saving method);
If there are the following situations, they should be discarded in time:
The mask is damaged and deformed;
The mask becomes wet or obviously dirty;

Breathing becomes more difficult.

Post time: Apr-13-2020